Supply chain services for more transparency

Supply Chain Services

The rapid progress of technology in all areas of the supply chain leads to numerous opportunities for optimization. Otto International likes to present two of our most important IT-based solutions: OI PLM and Hermes SCM. In addition to our high-performance IT-solutions, our teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dongguan and Hamburg provide a comprehensive consulting and support service that covers not only OI PLM and Hermes SCM, but also all the other sourcing-related processes and activities.

Where, what, why and how much. We know everything about every button.

OI PLM: collaborative product and quality development
OI PLM is an online platform for mutual and global product development that gives you access to the relevant sourcing markets. It offers transparent and comprehensive controlling of processes; integrates the people involved, and accompanies the process from product specification to sampling and final approval.

We know exactly where the ship with your sneakers is. And how fast it’s going.

Hermes SCM: efficiency and transparency all along the supply chain
One of the most important requirements of modern sourcing is the transparent flow of goods and documents, which gives us the option to take corrective action if need be. This is exactly what Hermes SCM provides. It covers order and supplier management, freight management, online documents and performance control, to name but a few.