Supplier management at Hermes-OTTO International

The Right Supplier Supplied

In more than 50 years Otto International has built up a vast network of suppliers that is marked by longstanding relationships and a mutual understanding of quality and responsibility. We continue to grow our network – to respond to new trends and give our customers the very best quality at the best possible price.

All our manufacturers are expected to meet our standards. We are happy to support them by sharing the knowledge that we have acquired. We also continually assess, and if need be delist, current and potential suppliers according to three strict parameters: sustainability, quality and performance. Every factory we place orders with is visited by us in advance. Thanks to the Factory Identification Code, each supplier is monitored at the factory level. We know exactly where our orders are produced, and that helps our customers sleep easy at night.


Independent organizations audit our suppliers to ensure they adhere to all the relevant social standards. Inspectors allocate a status to each supplier and factory and publish the results for easy comparison. All Otto International suppliers are also bound by our Code of Conduct, a mandatory component in every supplier contract we draw up.


Before we enter into a business relationship with a supplier, we carry out a technical audit to assess the quality of equipment and the quality control processes in the supplier’s factories. These audits continue on a regular basis.


We also assess our supplier pool according to three essential performance parameters:

  • Product price competitiveness
  • Lead time
  • Product quality

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