Research & development with customer focus

Research & Development

Our Research & Development Team is the basis for the Otto International state-of-the-art sourcing service. In all areas of R&D, we try to combine trend and material information from external sources with know-how of our customers’ target groups.

Trend Briefing

The team has an in-depth knowledge of all the relevant sources of trend information, be it magazines, online portals or fairs and congresses. We condense our insights into mood boards that are relevant for our customer base. Most importantly, we apply our findings directly to ensure we discover the right products and manufacturers in the sourcing markets.

Material Library

This area of Research & Development monitors fabric and yarns. The Material Library contains information on Denim, Woven, Knitwear and Functional, as well as on material that has been blocked or put in stock by H-OI for our customers. We make it easy for our clients to react fast to their customers’ demands.

Product Showroom

In our product showroom, we translate input from our trend research and our material know-how into products that give our customers a better understanding of their options. We know our customers and can anticipate their needs extremely well.

R&D with customer focus

Prints and Graphics

Otto International’s R&D team also develops prints and graphics for our customers. Drawing inspiration from the Trend Briefing as well as from the Material Library, they create unique prints, patterns and embellishments.


All these services can be accessed directly online by our customers. You can look for inspiration, pick out products or find answers to product-related questions.