Quality management for a competitive advantage

Otto International offers service innovations that no one else can. From Audit Services and Quality Management to web-based Supply Chain Management, our services deliver reliable and transparent sourcing to the highest CSR standards. Devised and in some cases developed together with our clients for real market needs, these unique tools give your business a significant competitive advantage.

A New Era of Quality Assurance and Control

quality assurance to the highest CSR standards

Quality starts with product development, sampling and material. In every H-OI office location, highly qualified and experienced technicians respond to the fitting requirements of our customers’ styles. In most offices, we work with real models in European sizes and can also call on a wide range of European and American fitting dummies. We help our customers to improve fabric, trims and accessories, initiate physical and chemical testing with laboratories, and work constantly with our vendors and factories on maintaining and improving standards of workmanship. Your product is in expert hands!

To assure all products conform to the required quality standards, a global network of professional inspectors assesses the merchandise. Our aim is to identify potential problems at an early stage, to take action to ensure improvement, and to deliver excellent quality. Our qualified and trained Quality Control staff is present in every sourcing countries and supervised by senior Quality Managers.

In addition, Otto International has set up Inspection Centers in the key sourcing markets (Shanghai, Qingdao, Bangalore, Mumbai, Tirupur, Bangkok, Istanbul & Izmir) – with fantastic results. The key to the success of the Inspection Centers is a neutral inspection environment where goods can be AQL-inspected. In addition, we offer the unique added value of 100% sorts by trained checking teams in China and India. If your shipment fails a random check, instead of returning the whole shipment to the factory, our teams carry out a full sort-out of the order piece-by-piece. Accepted goods can immediately continue their journey to your warehouse. This unique system saves you time – and gives you peace-of-mind by eliminating concerns about the quality of goods you receive.

Please note:
If you are interested in booking quality services individually, please visit the ASTRA Supply Chain Services website.

ASTRA is an independently managed company that offers a variety of services such as Quality Services, Audit Services and Supply Chain Management Services.