H-OI supports Textile Alliance

Initiated by the BMZ – the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany – the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien) was officially founded in October 2014, and is comprised of textile and clothing industry manufacturers, retailers, trade unions and civil society.

Currently numbering around 100 companies, members include H&M, Adidas, C&A, KIK, Tchibo, Metro Group. Among the H-OI customers, so far the Otto Group, Ernsting’s family and Edeka have joined. The OTTO Group is one of the elected members of the steering committee.

The Textile Alliance’s goal is to pool the strength and expertise of the members in order to bring about social, ecological and economic improvements along the entire textile supply chain.

The planned requirements and actions go far beyond the current corporate responsibility programs of our customers and going forward the alliance will function as an umbrella for all social, environmental and sustainable activities:

From currentlyTo future
Individual code of conduct, mostly focusing on social complianceComprehensive code of conduct that reflects the objectives of the alliance
Self imposed objectivesMembership requirement objectives
Programs mainly focused on Tier 1 factories (FID)Overarching sustainable supply chain management covering the whole supply chain
Legal minimum wagesLiving wages

We expect the main challenge to be the transparency of the supply chain, due to the large number of and constantly changing parties involved, from vendors and factories to traders. We have started to map the supply chain with some of our big vendors and the initial result confirms our concerns.

While H-OI supports the targets of the Textile Alliance, certain pre-conditions need to be fulfilled. The requirements and the timelines should be realistic and be binding for all companies selling in Germany. Existing certificates as well as local laws should be considered.