Speed and transparency – the new supply chain buzz words

H-OI Supply Chain Services has successfully onboarded 500 global suppliers of “Witt“ and “Sieh an!“ onto the Hermes SCM Order Management Portal. Hermes SCM offers Witt suppliers and buying agencies electronic access to buying requests and purchase orders. Suppliers can directly negotiate any purchase order change online and communicate with the Witt back office via the tool. All supply chain partners have access to the necessary data anytime and from anywhere on the Portal.

“H-OI has been maintaining our Order Management Portal since 2002. Based on this long lasting relationship built on experience and trust, we decided to move to Hermes SCM. Hermes SCM provides us with the right functionality to support our transformation projects.”

(Johannes Treml, Senior Manager Purchasing Systems)

Hermes SCM has an increasing number of buying organizations using the tool for Order Negotiations, Order and Item Track & Trace, Supply Chain Collaboration with partners world-wide and Transport Management with carriers and 3PL. Most of the users start by introducing Hermes SCM Order Management functionality and add additional functionality later on. Inbound and outbound interfaces to customer ERP systems are provided using such standards as EDI, ANSI X.12, GS1 XML and others. Hermes SCM is provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) by H-OI Supply Chain Services with experienced staff located in Hamburg (Germany), Dongguan (China) and Hong Kong.

Hermes SCM combines state-of-the-art capabilities for inbound supply chains cross-organization and cross-country as following:

  • Order Management: use the platform to directly negotiate orders. Monitoring contracts already awarded and managing the supply chain at an item level.
  • Supplier Management: monitor the performance and compliance of suppliers.
  • Integrated Inventory View: meaningful analysis of inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Freight Management: take advantage of improved transport planning and cost optimised transport.
  • Online Documents: create transport documents automatically. Upload documents and add them to orders, bookings or shipments for example.
  • Event Management: receive information on events and forecasts, allowing you to better coordinate your goods flows.
  • Workflow Management: coordinate the supply chain partners by establishing binding regulations, rights and responsibilities. Complemented by reliable data analysis.
  • Performance Control: optimise service evaluations with reporting functions within the goods flow.