Looking to the future

Opened in August of this year, our new sample room in Dongguan China can handle many types of fabric, including Flatknit, Circular Knit, Woven and Denim.

The room is staffed by a team of seven with the potential to expand, and equipped with all sorts of machines for garment production, including two computerized Stoll knitting machines and CAD programs. The team’s capabilities include pattern making, sample making, grading, fitting and costing.

This new H-OI facility belongs to the Research & Development area of our business. It allows us to evaluate trend fabrics and yarns as well as production processes. Thus creating transparency for consumption and costing which gives us another edge in price negotiation.

Also, we can react quickly to new trend developments. We can provide our customers with a choice of trend products by being able to make our own samples much faster than before.