Our work on digital documents is leading edge in the German industry

Our partnership with Tradelink was established almost 12 years ago. Today, shipping documents like packing lists, customer invoices, shipment bookings, and bills of lading for 10 customers are created online by vendors and forwarders and, after being electronically signed, provided to other internal systems, customs officials, and customer systems.

Our customer Witt Weiden uses the documents for a digital import process that includes customs declarations. Bonprix, on the other hand, is currently implementing a shipment track and trace solution based on the data provided by Tradelink application. In addition, H-OI has, over the years, rolled out the Tradelink system to new markets including Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Turkey.

Recently, the well-established partnership with Tradelink received even more recognition on a national electronic document forum formed by the German bank Commerzbank and with participants from K+S, ThyssenKrupp, BASF, Volkswagen, and the Otto Group. None of these German industry giants have started the digitization of their shipping documents as of the moment. That means that we and our customers are already 12 years ahead.