H-OI’s 3D product development project at the “Masters of the Innoverse” contest

Once a year, the “Masters of the Innoverse” award goes to the most innovative technology or exciting prototype that has been implemented within the Otto Group. Forty projects from 14 different Group companies took part in the contest this year. During the event, the top 10 projects are given the opportunity to present their topic before a jury, including the CDO of the Otto Group, Sebastian Klauke, and an audience both on site and via live stream. Volker Demand presented our pitch.

In a joint effort, the teams in Hong Kong and Hamburg had created a 4-minute movie that demonstrated how the software works and how it’s integrated into the H-OI systems landscape. Towards the end, it took a little excursion into fun technology – augmented reality – with one of the virtual fitting models as an avatar that can be invited into your world with iOS 12.

We took it – or her? – for a walk on the Otto premises and to the “MOTI” event.

The competition was really stiff, though, and when all was said and done, we didn’t win the prize. However, it was still a great honor to be among the best 10.

H-OI has been looking into 3-D product development software for some time. The project team evaluated different providers and decided in favor of Browzwear. By now, many different areas within H-OI work with the tool, from our Research & Development department who look into design to QA who look into fitting and quality and to Supply Chain Services who integrate 3-D into our existing platforms and tools.

For more information, please contact Volker Demand.