H-OI Academy – First Edition

“Many companies support their future leaders with a dedicated program. In these programs, the participants are given the chance to acquire further skills and strengthen what they are already good at. And, what’s probably even more important, they can build a network,” says Verena Favre, Director HR, Marketing & Communication at H-OI. “In addition, it is a way to create ambassadors for our company’s vision and strategic guidelines, our Winning Principles.”

The H-OI Academy was launched last year. It started with a group of 12 participants from all parts of the H-OI organization and various business functions. The program’s set-up helps to enhance cooperation, support team work, and create real-life business challenges.

Over the last 11 months, the 12 colleagues met 6 times at different H-OI locations.

The first part of the program comprised leadership training based on the H-OI Winning Principles. Our strategic guidelines were launched last year, but the introduction process is still going on. It is absolutely essential to the process to have people who embody the principles in their local organizations.

In the next sessions, the group met with “The DO School”, a Berlin-based school that helps to turn ideas into meaningful action. It provides project coaching and entrepreneur training to international organizations (the UN, NGOs, the City of New York, and others).

The H-OI Academy participants were asked to develop ideas that can delight our customers. They reviewed H-OI’s current market position, customer requirements, and latest market and technology developments. A set of ideas was investigated, prototyped, tested, redesigned, and developed further during the course of the program.

At the H-OI Regional Directors meeting on October 9, – attended as well by our Otto Group Board member Sven Seidel – the group pitched the final business concept “iData” to the audience. The pitch was well received, and H-OI will continue to develop and pilot the concept in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details in future newsletter editions.