Vendor Day Turkey 2016

Lots of useful feedback at successful workshop.

The top 15 vendors plus some nominated vendors for specific target groups were invited to H-OI Turkey’s Vendor Day on March 23. Overall, there were roughly 40 participants on the vendor side. “Information, motivation and cooperation,” was the motto of the day according to Heiko Drews, Regional Director Europe.

“A cohesion between H-OI Turkey and its vendors is strongly needed due to the keen competition from other sourcing markets and the increasing requirements of our customers.”

The day was fully packed with interesting presentations: After a warm welcome, Heiko Drews started with an update on the current situation of H-OI Turkey as well as its challenges and chances. He also reported on recent developments on the customer side and gave some insights into H-OI Global and the developments in the other markets.

Roland van Os provided some information about his experience with the Turkish market and his new responsibility as Director Business Development.

Susanne Toedter gave an overview of the sustainability topics within the Otto Group – Textile Alliance, CmiA and CPI2. Especially the topic CmiA and the Otto Group strategy to have 100% sustainable cotton in 2020 led to a lively discussion.

Omer Tayan, Merchandise Controller, gave an overview of the Social Compliance requirements and the current status of the Vendor Frame, followed by Sevim Atabek, QA&QC Manager H-OI Turkey presented some insights into fruitful quality management.

All presentations were translated into Turkish and English respectively by a professional team, so that everybody was able to follow easily.

The feedback from the vendor side was very good. Due to the speed of changes, it serves to promote meetings, discussions and inspiration. That’s why we already decided to hold Vendor Day 2.0 next year in March. Also the input of Susanne and Roland was very well received. So we will add external input and inspiration next time as well – be it from customers, suppliers or other H-OI offices.

The workshop definitely strengthened the traditionally close cooperation between vendors and H-OI Turkey. It also resulted in a CmiA-workshop that will be held in June to speed up the use of CmiA in Turkey and thus further increase competitiveness.

Summary of the workshop’s findings: Turkey remains a very important sourcing market for our customers due to our strengths: Creativity, flexibility, speed and the closeness to our customers. Nevertheless, we have to work on customized Fast Fashion solutions for each single customer, as well as on the price competitiveness of the Turkish market.