Another step of cultural change: all employees can ask Michael Dumke their questions in our live stream

More transparency, less hierarchy and open discussion are values that are part of the H-OI Winning Principles. The live stream gives all colleagues the opportunity to directly ask Michael Dumke the questions they had always wanted to ask. The questions are typed in directly, visible for everybody, so there is no escape from uncomfortable topics.

The technical set-up allows people to watch the live stream from their desk and type in their questions. Most of the offices have “public viewing” with one person typing in the questions for everybody.

This was now the second time that we worked with this format and it is really a good instrument for our specific set-up with all the offices in different global regions. The first live stream in February didn’t have a specific topic – all questions were appreciated. This time we put out the motto “operational excellence”. At both sessions, participation was really high. We received more than 100 questions from many different offices.

These are some examples of the feedback we received after the second live stream:

What did you like best about the session?

“makes staff feel closer to the management, and open to the staff’s questions and interests.”

“Improves transparency, clear strategy of the company”

“The open dialogue and serious questions and answers”

“Through the session we can share some different market info among various offices and also have something in common.”