Further digitalisation of the Witt sourcing process

If Excel is your main working tool in a complex environment, you usually face a couple of challenges. For one, manual data management takes a lot of time. At some stage, the data has to be added to your in-house system. These processes mostly result in mountains of paper, as much of the data still has to be printed out and filed away.

H-OI SCS specialises in the digitalisation of sourcing processes. In this case, the basis of the new tool was an existing online platform solution, which was developed in cooperation with Heine. It was examined and adapted for optimal use with the complex Witt structures and processes.

The sourcing tool (Sourcer Briefing) is already linked to the H-OI platforms such as H-OI Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). As a result, additional synergies were possible, manual processes could be optimised. The new online solution integrates all partners involved in the process, such as the customers, the H-OI offices around the world or agencies and suppliers.

Witt and H-OI SCS Sourcer Briefing Team

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

How does the new sourcing tool work?

The Creative Administrator establishes the new styles in the individual ERP system. All data that is entered here is automatically transferred to the sourcing tool. The styles can then be directly uploaded online and described. What was previously an Excel spreadsheet with the style description, which had to be printed out several times before each sourcer briefing, is now gathered and saved in the sourcing tool.

Everything is visible to all interested parties: creative buying, the sourcers and quality assurance. Most importantly, this data can then be directly forwarded to the suppliers or H-OI offices. All users can access the information saved and work with the tool at anytime from anywhere, something that was previously not possible.

The tool supports the buyers during their negotiations and saves the results. It is compatible with all devices, which means that it can also be used on tablets or mobile devices without any problems.

“We are planning to digitise further purchasing processes using the tool for increasing productivity and optimising cooperation within purchasing” says Amalija Pick, Head of Department Project Management Buying at Witt.

Marcus Hauffe, Sourcing Manager, adds “During the test phase, the tool impressed us because it was so easy to use. We can now process all styles with the tool after a very short time.”

The benefits in short

  • Duplication in season pre- and post-processing eradicated
  • Styles can be worked on by multiple colleagues at the same time
  • Offices and suppliers can quickly record their data
  • Complete overview of the work packages as well as price comparisons
  • Compatible with all devices – also easy to use on tablets

With the SCS division, H-OI specialises in digitalising sourcing processes. From product development to logistics processes, they offer solutions that make things easier, more collaborative and faster. They build on existing platforms and best practices but also create and adapt individual solutions for individual customer tasks.