Optimizing Supply Chains

Based on fifteen years of supply chain system experience within the Otto Group, Volker Demand and his team provide Supply Chain Services that range from product idea up to the delivery to the customer’s warehouse. The team is located in Hamburg, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dongguan and they are the connection to our customers’ process- and system landscape.

Volker Demand started in the Otto Group in 2001 and came to Hermes-OTTO International in 2008. Since then he has established multiple systems along the supply chain enabling our customers to work collaboratively with the markets.

‘Focusing clearly on the collaborative processes within the supply chain, we strive to create a winning supply chain, enabling vendors, customers and ourselves to get the best products, at the required level of quality to the customers at the right time.’ says Volker.

The team offers a Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM) and a Supply Chain Management System (SCM) including customization and end-user-support. In combination with its consulting know-how – which can also be ordered separately – the team enables the trade partners to ensure a smooth supply chain.

The requirement analysis, concept development, project coordination and European support is handled by the 20 people team in the Hamburg Office. 5 team members in Shanghai and Hong Kong develop product enhancements and another 3 employees in Dongguan and Shanghai take care of the Asian support and the software testing.

‘The combination of sourcing excellence in our sourcing office and our system- and process knowledge provides a fast track to a winning supply chain.’

Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM)

H-OI PLM is an online platform for mutual and global product development that gives you access to the relevant sourcing markets.

Supply Chain Management System (SCM)

H-OI SCM provides transparency of the flow of goods and documents, which gives us the option to take corrective action if need be.