One China – Our new structure

At the beginning of August 2015 H-OI will launch its new One China structure integrating their previous North Asia and Hong Kong / Dongguan centers into one Region, for both apparel and hardware products.

Simon Aliband, Regional Director North Asia and designated Regional Director China: “With this new structure H-OI intends to harness the full sourcing power of China, whether from Hong Kong or Qingdao, Shanghai or Wuhan to ensure that our customers can obtain the best possible service from this vitally important sourcing region in terms of price, quality, delivery and even creativity.

Our new customer GMs will work with multi-locational, dedicated teams within China over our full network of offices to ensure that our suppliers are offering the best possible conditions from whatever origin.”

No headquarters of H-OI China: Where in China H-OI can get the best deals for the customers will determine where resources are allocated.

“We are going to standardize procedures in both merchandising and quality throughout China. Both merchandising and quality management are included within the One China structure.

Our focus will be on optimizing our service to the customer to increase business for the whole of H-OI China and discourage protectionist competition between the China offices.

We also aim to enhance the development of creative services from China to offer more resources catering for each buyer’s needs.” Simon Aliband says.