The many faces of H-OI

Every single person in this world has a different personality, and these differences are what make each of us unique and distinct from everyone else. We never meet a fellow human being with exactly the same personality, and, conversely, we must embrace this diversity and respect and accept every individual the way he or she is. That is my philosophy of life, and this brings us to the subject at hand. My name is Zulfikar Ali, I live in Bangladesh and I am just as unique as everyone else.

I am married and am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. My wife and my two children (Niha, my daughter, is 10 and Siam, my son, is 8) are my pride and joy, and they are the source of my strength and motivation to do my best at all times. I can in good conscience say that we are very open to the world, that we are interested in our fellow human beings and are engaged. We like to travel and to explore unknown situations and life styles. I have instilled this attitude toward life in my two children since their birth, and to my great delight, they do excellent work in sports as well as in school.

My son has followed in my footsteps and, like me, he loves to play cricket. In contrast to Europe, the children here are passionate about playing cricket – a sport that in Asia and Bangladesh has developed from a game played by the upper classes into a sport for the masses. Cricket is a sport for individuals, but played in team format, that demands tremendous self-discipline, intense concentration, creativity, athleticism and lots of hard work in practice. The complex rules make it very difficult for newcomers to understand what is going on.

All of this makes cricket an outstanding schoolmaster, and it has certainly contributed to pursuing my professional career with the required discipline and stamina; moreover, it has enabled me to develop the necessary portion of self-confidence. I began working in the apparel industry in 2002, a sector of great challenges that must be mastered every day. Since 2014, I have been senior production manager and I am proud to be a member of the staff at HOI Bangladesh.

I hope I have been able to give you a few insights into my life, my thoughts and my professional career, and I would of course be delighted to learn something about you. And who knows? Perhaps we will meet some day.