Improved Product Lifecycle Management

A new addition to the H-OI Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) online platform has been developed in collaboration with Edited/Collins. The status tracking module manages and tracks the implementation of new fashion collections. It increases transparency and speed of the complete process. The extended service was implemented to fit the rapidly growing business model of Edited/Collins. Spotting potential delays and checking on the collection’s progress has become much simpler and quicker.

PLM links all H-OI offices and a large number of sourcing agents and suppliers. The platform supports each phase of product development, enabling easy collaboration and streamlined, transparent processes. This includes collection planning, product design, quotations, customs tariffing, workflow management, sampling and the approval process.

PLM is currently available in four languages and is in operation in Europe, the USA and Asia.

The collaboration of the two companies sets an example for mutual product development encompassing delivery of innovative input from Edited/Collins and smooth implementation by H-OI.

Statement Edited/Collins:

“With H-OI Supply Chain Services we found a reliable partner to design and establish proper operational sourcing processes from the design phase of a new fashion item to the follow-up of collection implementation. The new status-tracking module shows us real-time data that is required to have our fashion collections available on time.”
Gritta Gomm (Senior Sourcing Manager, Edited)