Supplier Portrait

Azim & Sons had its humble beginnings in 1988 in Farmgate, Dhaka when Iqbal Azim started the business with just 40 sewing machines.

The 70s and 80s had seen a boom in the Ready–Made Garments sector in Bangladesh. New international trade laws governing textiles and apparel allowed low-cost suppliers to gain a foothold in both the USA and Europe. And Azim as well as other Bangladeshi entrepreneurs leapt at the chance created by these favourable conditions.

He opened a factory that produced garments and became a supplier to the Otto Group. Initially business was conducted through an agent, but very soon the company began to deal directly with Azim & Sons. All the while, turnover was increasing rapidly. In 1993, the company opened a second production unit in the same location. It was named the Salman Adnan factory after the owner’s two sons.

The business expanded once again in 2009 when a third unit was bought in Gazipura on the outskirts of the capital. This allowed the company to add nine sewing lines, their own washing facilities as well as a large warehouse to stock fabrics.

Recently, Salman Azim has joined the company after spending ten years studying in the UK. He was responsible for taking the decision to recruit a washing expert in order to be able to offer a larger range of trendy washes to their clients. Plans to build a showroom in Gazipura to promote the new range and purchase a laser printer are also on the cards.

Azim & Sons’ remarkable success can partially be attributed to the owner’s keen strategic decision to adapt his company to the catalogue business. Keeping fabrics in stock (on average 2 millions yards) also enables them to offer very short delivery lead times of just 25-30 days. Today H-OI is Azim & Sons main client, accounting for 95% of turnover. And in 2014, Otto awarded them a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their longstanding and successful business relationship.