H-OI and Scan-Thor form a new joint venture for the European buying offices

The story of Scan-Thor begins in the heart of Copenhagen in 1979 when Knud Thor Larsen and Gitte Hartung founded the company. Having worked several years with fashion and furniture, they wanted to build up their own business with the client and product creativity in focus.

Scan-Thor was established as an official Scandinavian buying office for the mail order companies 3Suisses in France and Wehkamp in the Netherlands – and the first products were furniture and gift articles.

In 1982, the story of Scan-Thor and the Otto Group takes its first steps. K. Thor Larsen starts sourcing household articles and furniture for OTTO, and one year later, the business expands with fashion and home textiles. Consequently, Scan-Thor is nominated to be the official buying office in Scandinavia with the full assortment for the Otto Group.

38 years later

Today, the Scan-Thor Group has more than 150 employees in 15 countries. And now as per 1 March 2018, a new generation will be stepping in and continuing to grow the business – namely Louise Thor Larsen, Christian Thor Larsen and Frederik Thor Larsen.

Knud Thor Larsen stays in the Scan-Thor Group as a very active chairman of the board. However, the Scan-Thor vision stays the same, focusing on quality, creativity, speed to market and thus fulfilling the clients’ needs.

Scan-Thor and H-OI – an outlook

Scan-Thor and Hermes-OTTO International have already established joint ventures (50/50) with the buying offices in the Baltics, Romania, the Balkan, White Russia, Bulgaria and Poland.

And as of 1 March 2018, the story of Scan-Thor and H-OI will be growing even stronger with the new full partnership on all markets in a combined pan-European and African joint venture (now also involving Portugal, Spain, Italy and Africa – sub-Sahara).

Frederik Thor Larsen is very happy about this new journey: “I really look forward to continuing our cooperation and exploring more business together with Hermes-OTTO International”.

He adds: “We will now be better integrated across all of Europe plus Africa, and also with Asia – which should create new opportunities for us together to find synergies, expand our portfolio – always with the customer and the product in focus”.