It Starts with you.

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It starts with us. Our outstanding products and services are made possible by our most valuable resource: our people. It is their skills, passion, and precision that empower our excellent, customer-centric solutions.

At Otto International, everyone is encouraged to be their own leader. We collaborate on a global scale in a multi-cultural and open work environment. Each of us creates our own journey at OI with the support of mentors and colleagues, as well as inspiring learning and development programs. We are proactive, solution-focused drivers for change, while always striving for operational excellence.




Flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely contribute to our employee's work-life balance. We support a family- friendly work environment.



We offer our employees a number of different opportunities to grow within OI. This includes our very own OI Academy, eLearning, internal & external workshops or secondments.



Besides collaborating we also enjoy socialising at our monthly birthday parties, our annual dinners or other events that call for celebration.

We Are Proud To Work At OI


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Anna Hoffmann

Please tell us about your journey at OI

I started working at OI in the first half of 2018 as an HR Trainee. I worked on recruitment, learning & development and HR projects. During my traineeship I was also able to join our Train-the-Trainer program, which solidified my interest in people development. Since becoming a full-time employee, I’ve been working with our People Development Manager to lead engagement projects, design training and work on our Learning & Development strategy.

What do you like about working here?

I love working at OI because I'm given a lot of opportunities to take on a variety of different projects. We are encouraged to take on projects that matter to us personally as well as support business objectives. For example, the topics I've created for our e-Learning platform allow me to creatively provide micro-learning on a global scale. This gives an extra level of purpose to what I do.

What makes OI special?

OI is special because of its people. Our focus on driving collaboration and encouraging global teamwork makes OI stand out.

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Raksha Banerjee

Please tell us about your journey at OI

OI has been a continuous learning experience for me. At every stage of it I feel like I have undertaken great personal adventures while at the same time inspiring so many new ideas in others. The global responsibilities are what fascinate me most at OI. Here, I can grow personally and professionally likewise.

What do you like about working here?

OI has a work culture that strongly supports independence and for everyone of us to lead themselves - this is what motivates me every day. I am a person who likes to work diligently together with my team and colleagues and OI provides and supports this open-minded and trusting work environment.

What makes OI special?

It is the creativity within OI, the excellent working culture, the independence level of roles and the flexibility of time and work arrangement including home office!

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Idy Ho

Please tell us about your journey at OI

Although I am quite new to OI, I have already had the opportunity to attend the leadership training that has enabled me to learn more about our company culture and work on my leadership and management skills.

What do you like about working here?

People here are energetic and open-minded. They are willing to help and share their knowledge and personal experience with others. Also, the work is a good challenge that enriches my working experience and requires me to always stay on top of the latest developments in the business world. I have already gotten the chance to join staff and CR activities which were a lot of fun and just what you need to on-board new joiners successfully!

What makes OI special?

One thing that makes OI special is its diversity. People at OI think globally and we come from all different backgrounds. From the start I have noticed the great collaboration across teams, not only work related but also for other creative activities. While people here are motivated when driving their projects, there is still room to learn new things.

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Jeff Yung

Please tell us about your journey at OI?

I joined OI in 2009 as an Analyst programmer. After having been promoted a few times, I now work as an IT Manager in Hong Kong. I enjoy that my focus has shifted from the more technical work to a more holistic project and people management. We started with only two people in our office when I first joined while today our team counts 12 members all over our China offices. For me it is great to see the team and the individuals grow at OI.

What do you like about working here?

I appreciate that we care about people development by for example making training accessible to everyone by providing a variety of different training methods. We encourage a nice and friendly environment and drive global collaboration. I enjoy the opportunities to promote others while also developing my career.

What makes OI special?

The combination of our global setup with our important investment into IT and the digital transformation in the last years and our support of the environment define our unique approach to business.

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Robert Wagner

Please tell us about your journey at OI

I started my career with our customer OTTO in Germany. After transferring to Otto International, I was promoted to Business Analyst and later to Senior Finance Manager being responsible for the Controlling team in Hamburg. Today I am responsible for Global Controlling while I also manage Otto International GmbH in Hamburg.

What do you like about working here?

I especially like that no working day is like the other. Our global dynamic means that every day is unpredictable, which is what makes my job most interesting. Due to our relatively flat hierarchies and small teams I take on a lot more things than just Controlling which keeps me busy and has allowed me to gain a very broad range of experiences over the years.

What makes OI special?

For me OI is special because of the people that work in this company. I am very happy to have a great team to work with. I like that people are friendly and respectful to each other. Our diverse cultural backgrounds strengthen our ability to run our business so successfully.

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Our Culture

We will let you be the judge. Check out our employees’ stories to get some insights!
We support our people in the workplace and beyond, offering a range of work-life balance benefits depending on your office location. We provide flexible working hours so people can self-manage their time at work as well as giving opportunities to work from home.

We are open, flexible and welcoming. We collaborate globally as one team across regions. Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valuable contributions to this. Above all, we share common aspirations, values, and our Winning Principles

Although we are a German company, our business language is English. All employees are required to speak and write English proficiently to enable global collaboration!

Your Opportunities

At OI everyone is a leader. We believe our people lead themselves, starting from their first day at OI. All of our careers are individual: It’s up to you to decide how you want to grow with us. We support this with a variety of growth opportunities available at OI!

We support self-development and encourage a growth mindset in all our employees. This is why we invite everyone at Otto International to join our various learning and development initiatives. We offer a variety of product and soft skills training through a range of different methods, including internal and external workshops, e-Learning, self-study courses, internal coaching, and mentorship. This training aims to benefit employees in all sorts of different careers.

Your Application

Make sure your CV illustrates that you have the skills listed in the job description. Submit your application by selecting the position of your interest and feel free to add a link to your LinkedIn profile!

You will receive an email acknowledgement that your application has been received. If you have applied for a specific opening, we will review your application carefully and our Talent team will then reach out to you to let you know about the next steps.
Sure thing! If you are interested in a specific role or a team that is not currently open, feel free to submit a general application through the contact form with a note describing the role you are seeking. We will keep it on file and reach out to you when something opens.
Please check your spam folder to be sure our follow-up email was not filtered out by your email provider. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances might cause a delay on our side. Please give us a few more days of your patience.

The recruitment process usually consists of two rounds of interviews before final decisions are made. In some positions, you will also be asked to take part in an assessment test. Our Talent team will let you know about the individual process beforehand.

All interviews are focused on the required working experience, technical knowledge, and leadership competencies you will need to understand, live and promote while working with us in your chosen role. During the interview, we will explore how you may have demonstrated these competencies in previous experiences.

Feel free to check out our interviewing tips here to prepare yourself in advance! Organise your thoughts, think of some experiences you would like to share and be prepared for questions as well as prepare questions for us yourself!

You don’t need to dress to impress. Wear whatever makes you most comfortable.